自动驾驶车辆将彻底改变自汽车发明以来的交通运输行业。 自动驾驶车辆需要敏捷和基于模型的开发,以及集成数据流和严重依赖基于软件的仿真能力。 Siemens PLM Software 提供面向所有关键技术领域的全套自动驾驶车辆解决方案 - 从芯片设计到整车验证。


Smart Manufacturing

A fully digitalized business model is accomplished by connecting all phases of the product lifecycle with a digital thread. And critical technologies like cloud, mobility, additive manufacturing, and advanced robotics are needed to enable this type of digitalized environment.

Over the last several years these technologies have reached a level of maturity to enable this transformation, such that companies are now able to leverage them in their current state to digitalize their environments and the process of transforming innovative ideas and raw materials into real products.

Siemens Digital Industries Software manufacturing solutions help you achieve smart manufacturing today, to build the automotive products of tomorrow.

All Automotive OEMs Solutions

Lifecycle Collaboration

Today’s Automotive & Transportation industry has never been more cost-competitive, and efficiencies need to be gained wherever possible as vehicles are getting more complex. A lifecycle approach to process and data management is critical to meet these challenges. Our solutions address how you manage change, execute work processes, drive quality, and connect to external suppliers and customers. Our lifecycle management approach to centralizing technical information and keeping it up to date and accessible means knowledge workers can be more efficient and achieve higher levels of performance.



Program Management - OEMs

Designing and simulating the Automobile and Transportation systems of the future that are more complex and sophisticated requires a sophisticated program management tool. Siemens Digital Industries Software provides a systems approach to project planning integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management solution to accelerate vehicle product development to design, engineer, reproduce and optimize vehicle platforms.

IP 保护和出口控制

优化您将产品推向市场的能力,充分利用您的 IP 组合,并尽可能重用我们统一的 IP 管理解决方案。这款成熟可靠的解决方案将帮助您的团队缩短周期、降低成本并消除与合规和讼诉相关的风险。通过易于使用的搜索功能,遍布全球的设计团队可以安全地访问和重用优质的 IP。我们的平台还可确保改进可见性和数据共享,并通过控制和记录访问来保护 IP。

Vehicle Verification Management - OEMs

The Verification Management solution enables companies to achieve faster time to certification by providing a single integrated environment. This ensures that all product verification events, whether simulation modeling and analysis or physical tests, are driven by requirements, planned and executed in the correct sequence. Our solutions provide full traceability by linking individual tests and analyses to the necessary resources.

Powertrain Design & Engineering

Stricter fuel economy and emissions regulations are driving automakers and suppliers to develop more efficient powertrains and vehicles. Vehicle teams must collaborate with powertrain engineers to reduce vehicle energy demands. 

Automotive Embedded Software




Powertrain Performance Engineering

Discover how Simcenter simulation and testing solutions enable to balance powertrain fuel economy, drivability, energy management, NVH and acoustics.

Additive Engineering & Manufacturing

The power of additive manufacturing is the ability to generate new designs that could not be developed by traditional manufacturing processes. This capability allows us to create organic shapes that normally are impossible to manufacture. Additive manufacturing permits exploration of multiple design alternatives to find optimal designs quickly. Our solutions for additive manufacturing enable you to re-imagine products, retool manufacturing and rethink business models.


如今,大多数汽车 OEM 不再仅仅作为自主企业单枪匹马地参与竞争,他们还有另外一重身份,即集成式供应链的参与者。因此,在 OEM 和供应商之间实现流程同步和数据协作至关重要。Siemens PLM Software 提供了一种易于使用的安全平台,可用于与供应商进行协作,甚至 PLM 环境外的供应商也不例外。我们的解决方案支持多种用例,例如设计数据交换、直接材料采购以及供应商项目管理。


对于汽车制造商而言,要扩大规模以交付自主驾驶、电动和混合动力汽车,高度集成的制造流程不可或缺,只有这样才能生产愈加复杂的汽车,同时增加利润并加快的产品上市速度。我们的解决方案提供了一种系统化的车身工程和制造方法,可在端到端数字化趋势中将汽车设计的各个方面与设计、仿真和制造应用程序联系起来。这使 OEM 和供应商能够打造满足未来需求的汽车和交通运输系统。


如今,制造商在同一条装配线上生产多种车型及其相关饰件。随着需要制造的车辆愈发复杂,管理这一复杂的混合车型生产流程对汽车制造商提出了一项巨大的挑战。借助我们的数字化制造解决方案,您可以对周期时间进行早期评估、估算预算并分析装配成本。我们的解决方案将生产线平衡、企业流程规划、生产量分析和资源规划等诸多功能集于一身,可帮助您减少工程更改订单 (ECO) 并提高后期装配效率。


 如今,汽车喷漆车间必须满足客户对可用性、能效、全天候生产以及在恶劣生产环境中运行的严苛要求。使用 Siemens PLM Software 工具,您可以对喷漆流程中的机器人操作(包括工具和外围设备)进行开发和仿真。您还可以加强不同制造学科之间的沟通和协调,以做出相对明智的决策。


我们的动力系统生产解决方案可帮助汽车制造商轻松规划完整的动力系统制造工序。您可以为特定阶段的工序定义 CNC 刀轨并计算加工周期时间。使用集成式 G 代码驱动的机床仿真,您可以发现并避免零件、机床或夹具之间的潜在冲突。此外,CNC 工作包还可以直接提交给机床。这个简化流程链有助于缩短传动系统制造设置时间,并提高产品质量。



Body Manufacturing Stamping

Automotive stamping dies and press lines are high-cost, long lead-time investments. To maximize return on investment (ROI), it’s important to streamline development and commissioning of new lines, while flexibly adapting existing lines to new designs. Our automotive stamping solutions are used by leading companies to optimize operational efficiency and reduce time, cost and errors in design, planning and production of sheet metal parts and dies. Performance improvement include: reduction of try-out time by 70 percent, reduction of tooling design costs by 20 percent, reduction of stamping die design errors by 90 percent, and increase of stroke rate by 10 percent.






工厂正在通过数字化流程进行虚拟架构和仿真,进而打造面向未来的智能工厂。 借助布局和优化工具,您能以 3D 形式打造虚拟工厂,对工厂环境进行设计、布局和配置,同时优化工厂运营。 设备规划和生产线设计团队能够虚拟地查看计划的影响,从而帮助您避免在真实设备出现问题后造成严重的损失和资源浪费。

Automation Engineering & Commissioning

When systems and machines are connected in a digital thread, they are easy to simulate. Automation equipment that is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) programs can be virtually tested to meet performance requirements, resulting in reduced system startup time. With our solutions, you can debug PLC codes in a virtual environment before integrating them into real systems and machines.

Production Planning & Scheduling

The smart factory of the future will connect people, systems, and machines through a digital thread from design, manufacturing, and field support. Synchronization of production planning and scheduling is pivotal to maintain a digital thread within the enterprise. Siemens PLM Software Advanced Planning and Scheduling is a solution for constraint-based production planning and shop floor scheduling.


在当今竞争激烈的环境中,按照成本价格和计划交付符合所有技术和性能要求的产品已成为一大挑战。 借助我们的质量管理解决方案,您能够在整个产品生命周期中提高质量并降低成本。 该解决方案让您可以了解和满足所有相关标准,从而帮助您在合规、质量和运营效率方面达到一流水平。

Vehicle Lightweighting

复合材料的经济性和大批量生产是汽车行业面临的主要挑战。设计、分析和制造复合材料产品亟需新方法。软件先进的复合材料零部件开发解决方案能帮助更好地理解设计选择对成本和计划的影响、为内嵌在 CAD 和 PLM 应用程序中的复合材料产品设计、仿真、测试和验证赋能。

Product Cost Management

监管压力、日益变化的消费者偏好以及汽车行业的激烈竞争正在给 OEM 的产品成本优化带来压力。 利用集 PLM 平台的强大功能与成熟的产品成本管理工具于一身的集成式产品成本管理解决方案,各大汽车制造商均可管理采购过程中供应商零件及工具的合理成本分析。

Technical Publishing for Automotive & Transportation

The complexity of developing and revising technical documentation for global vehicle programs is increasing for automotive companies. Technical publishing solutions maintained within the PLM environment allow your content writers to significantly reduce time and effort needed to update documents.

IoT and Lifecycle Analytics for Automotive & Transportation

Leverage the IoT-connected car and gather information from these smart systems on the road. We help automotive companies connect the physical car with engineering insight contained within the Digital Innovation Solution —the car’s “digital twin”. Siemens PLM Software provides OEMs and suppliers the product insight they need to improve their product design and manufacturing processes.

Compliance & Sustainability

Leading automotive companies recognize that environmental compliance, sustainability, and green operations initiatives are an essential part of how vehicles are designed, built and marketed. With support for environmental compliance and sustainability objectives, our solution helps you maximize the visibility of environmental compliance status in all stages of the product lifecycle so you can develop more innovative and environmentally-friendly products.

Engineering Data Management

Increasing consumer demand for connectivity and autonomous features are driving unabated adoption of embedded software and electronics contents in automotive systems, forcing automakers to adopt a more integrated approach to manage multidisciplinary systems complexity. Automakers can now manage multidisciplinary engineering teams with an integrated system for engineering lifecycle management that leverages requirements management, secure supplier collaboration and an engineering management platform that combines mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data into a single collaborative environment.

NVH & Acoustics

Address automotive vehicle NVH and acoustic issues of your vehicle, system or component to improve brand image, reduce time-to-market and prevent costly redesign.

Automotive Chassis Design

Market demands are forcing automotive companies to adopt new materials and production methods to improve strength, durability, and NVH. Today, chassis design involves adding more electronically-controlled systems while continuing to look for new ways to reduce weight. Siemens Digital Industries Software provides an integrated platform for chassis design, engineering simulation, and manufacturing validation of chassis parts. Our solution helps you achieve high-performance design, simulation, documentation, tooling, and manufacturing of chassis systems.


在展现设计与品牌感染力的过程中,具备卓越适配度、光洁度和美学属性的汽车装饰组件发挥着至关重要的作用。 重量、耐久性和环境都是装饰材料极其重要的设计考量,对其进行评估时必须慎重小心。 我们的解决方案可为您提供全面的内饰与外饰设计工具组件,助您在市场竞争中脱颖而出。 您可以在整车或子系统的环境下进行设计,打造出高质量的注塑组件和装饰面板。

Automotive Concept Design & Styling

In automotive styling, creativity, productivity and the ability to rapidly iterate different design concepts are critical for success. Our tools for concept design, reverse engineering and high-end rendering give you the power and freedom to push your creativity, all in one system. For exterior and interior Class A surfaces, we provide pole manipulation and surface alignment tools while giving you full control and real-time analysis of surface quality.

Automotive Body Design & Engineering

Changing consumer preferences and regulatory pressures are forcing automotive companies to find new ways to improve vehicle aerodynamics, enhance visual appeal, and increase interior space. Today, automotive companies rely on a systems-driven approach for automotive body engineering and manufacturing to realize body systems innovations. Our solutions provide an integrated automotive body systems design, simulation, and manufacturing solution in a managed environment to help you respond quickly to changing market demands.

Automotive Instrument Panel & HVAC Design

The user experience in the vehicle’s interior is becoming one of the most important buying criteria for today’s consumers, making innovation, quality and improved feature content critical success factors when designing instrument panels and HVAC systems. Siemens PLM Software offers a comprehensive design solution for interior and HVAC systems. From concept to finished design and manufacturing, you can work in the context of the vehicle, perform electrical and mechanical routing, work seamlessly with ECAD solutions to integrate your electronic systems, and continuously validate against customer and regulatory requirements.

Driving Dynamics

Address the driving dynamics performance of your vehicle, chassis or suspension with Simcenter tools and services to ensure your vehicle has precisely the desired driving characteristics.

ADAS & Integrated Safety

Explore our simulation and testing solutions to optimize safety and performance linked to ADAS by validating resulting behavior when integrating active and passive safety systems.


Get better insights on airflows and aerodynamics to increase vehicle efficiency, comfort and safety, improve handling and reduce noise using 3D CFD simulation.


分析车辆与水和污垢的相互作用,并预测恶劣条件下的车辆行为,以提高驾驶员安全性和车辆可靠性。 ​



Controls Development, Verification & Validation

Successfully develop mechatronics systems and optimize mechanics, electronics and software simultaneously as an integrated system.

混合动力和电动汽车的车辆振动噪声 (NVH) 与声学

混合动力或电动动力系统具有较高的舒适性,可带来理想的驾驶体验。使用 Simcenter 工具和服务可优化动力系统或车辆的 NVH 和声学性能。




在创造物理产品之前,通过数字化流程,我们的物理世界将以“数字双生”的形式通过虚拟方式进行设计和仿真。可使用 3D 可视化和数字样机功能完成该操作。虚拟现实 (VR) 是计算机生成的现实环境仿真;让用户亲自沉浸在仿真现实的体验中。增强现实 (AR) 在现实世界基础上合并计算机生成的图形,从而以数字方式增强我们所见内容。

Strength & Durability

Strength and durability solutions for automotive performance engineering.

Smart Manufacturing

A fully digitalized business model is accomplished by connecting all phases of the product lifecycle with a digital thread. And critical technologies like cloud, mobility, additive manufacturing, and advanced robotics are needed to enable this type of digitalized environment.

Over the last several years these technologies have reached a level of maturity to enable this transformation, such that companies are now able to leverage them in their current state to digitalize their environments and the process of transforming innovative ideas and raw materials into real products.

Siemens Digital Industries Software manufacturing solutions help you achieve smart manufacturing today, to build the automotive products of tomorrow.


自动驾驶车辆将彻底改变自汽车发明以来的交通运输行业。 自动驾驶车辆需要敏捷和基于模型的开发,以及集成数据流和严重依赖基于软件的仿真能力。 Siemens PLM Software 提供面向所有关键技术领域的全套自动驾驶车辆解决方案 - 从芯片设计到整车验证。




在车辆层面对 ADAS 和自动驾驶系统进行高效的设计探索、确认和验证。

传统动力系统的 NVH 和声学性能

环保措施会影响动力系统的 NVH 和声学性能。Simcenter 可帮助您诊断、分析和解决动力系统的 NVH 问题。


以虚拟方式探索并以物理方式验证关键 xEV 组件和子系统及其在集成时的性能,以满足行驶里程、操控性和性能预期。


车辆电气化是汽车行业持续改革的驱动力。 在满足消费者需求的同时以速度更快和成本更低的工程方式制造电动汽车,这是一项严峻的挑战。 我们为电动汽车提供集成而精确的数字化双生体,用于解决所有车辆领域中面临的挑战。 我们提供的领先解决方案能够让汽车制造商和车辆电气化供应链减少研发时间和交付高质量的产品,同时能够让他们轻易适应该流程每个阶段中出现的变化。

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Electrified mobility possesses the significant potential to create short-term disruption in the automotive industry. Electric vehicle manufacturing, however, presents unique challenges to automotive companies. By leveraging comprehensive digital twins of the product and production lines, manufacturers can design and validate assembly processes and entire facilities virtually, improving quality and accelerating production ramp.